Nagasawa Original Brand

Written Culture to 100 Years
in the Future:

As times change and digital technology advances, the culture of handwriting is also evolving.
However, handwritten text is an expression of individuality preserved on paper.
The pressure of the pen, the color of the ink, and the warmth of the hand all capture people's thoughts and sensibilities, leaving them for future generations to admire.

Through the culture of handwriting, people can open their hearts and deepen connections.
The goal is to ensure that your thoughts are passed on to future generations through inheritance.
With this in mind, the Nagasawa Original Writing Instruments brand "Hikki1882" was born.

The feelings engraved in your hands will transcend time and reach someone's heart.
By passing on the beauty and sensibility of the culture of handwriting to the future,
we will create a new culture.

Looking towards the future and valuing the culture of handwriting,
we will continue to pass it down for the next 100 years.