Nagasawa Kobe INK Monogatari #80 Rokko Kouzan Kurinsou (Pink) Fountain Pen Ink


[Kobe INK Monogatari #80 Rokko Kouzan Kurinsou (Pink)]

Kurinsou (Japanese Primrose) blooming in the Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden near the Rokko summit.
It is said that this flower got its name because it resembles the "Kurin" of a Buddhist pagoda, in which the flowers bloom in a circle on a single stem.
Around mid-May, when Kurinsou is in full bloom, about 5,000 plants are dyed pink, and this scene is loved by citizens as a scene of early summer in Kobe.
This color expresses the vivid and cute appearance of Kurinsou in full bloom with a calm and gorgeous pink.

- Fountain pen ink
- Capacity: 50ml
- Package size: about 65 x 65 x 52mm