Nagasawa Kobe INK Monogatari #28 Suzuran Green Fountain Pen Ink


Suzurandai is a traditional summer resort spot.

Many people stay here for a cool vacation and a relaxing time in the summer.

This green is lily of the valley leaf and the town that is the origin of the name this flower.

鈴蘭台地區被稱為「關西的輕井澤」,自古以來就是神戶的避暑勝地,是個能夠悠閒生活 的理想住宅區。鈴蘭的花語是「幸運的到訪」,以此作為避暑勝地的命名再適合不過了。 本次呈現的綠色,即是取自鈴蘭花身上那美麗的葉片。