Kobe INK No.43 Gakuen-Toshi Fresh Green | Kobe INK物語 NO.43學園都市線綠


It takes about 30 minutes by subway from the center of the city to The Science City area. This area is full of universities and it also has a beautiful natural environment.

Let's enjoy this green ink that shows the young and fresh energy of young people and nature

從市中心搭乘地下鐵,大約30分鐘車程的學園都市,是個聚集眾多青年學子、肩負神戶未 來的文教區;除了校園,周邊也有不少被大自然所環繞的寧靜住宅。在此選用生意盎然的 黃綠色,來呈現此區的街景,以及年輕有活力的人群。