Kobe INK物語 NO.45缽伏剪影綠 | Kobe INK No.45 Hachibuse silhouette Green


六甲山系西南端的鉢伏山,位在須磨浦公園內,就連小朋友也能輕易攀登,是當地市民相 當熟悉的一座山岳。來到山頂的遊樂園,可以看見一年四季豐富多變的美麗景色。本次從 中選擇了深邃而高雅的深綠色,予以再現。

Mt. Hachibuse behind Suma creek, was the stage of the same battle as Suma. Imperial guard captain Yoshitsune fought through this hill. But, now it is a great hiking trail for all ages. This green ink is deepe and tasteful.