Nagasawa Kobe INK Monogatari #50 Kyomachi Legend-blue Fountain Pen Ink


Kobe City Museum is on Kyo Town Street. This museum has European and Asian art.

Also, many foreign countries consulates are located on this street.

This Kyomachi Legend Blue ink is glittery in color.

You can feel the legendary history of this museum and the art it contains as you use it.

京町地區最引以為傲的,除了洋溢著神戶風格的舊居留地,區內的神戶市立博物館,將世 界各國的藝術、文化,與神戶的歷史一同收藏,是個十分重要的場域。在此調配出與京町 氣息相符的藍色,祈願它能像傳說般永遠美麗。