Nagasawa Kobe INK Monogatari #59 Hirano-gion Romance-gray Fountain Pen Ink


[Kobe INK Monogatari #59 Hirano-gion Romance-gray]

Located north of Okurayama Park, HIrano-gion Jinjya (Shrine) is located halfway up Mt. Gion, where you can overlook the city of Kobe.
It is said that Taira no Kiyomori, one of the famous military commanders of the Heian period, was looking at this scene when he came up with the plan for Owada Tomari*.
(*Owada Tomari = A port that became one of the foundations of the current Kobe port.)
This color expresses the scenery that has been handed down while thinking about the old history of Kobe with a tasteful romance gray.

- Fountain pen ink
- Capacity: 50ml
- Package size: about 65 x 65 x 52mm