Nagasawa Kobe INK Monogatari #61 Yuki-gosho Zakura (Pink) Fountain Pen Ink


[Kobe INK Monogatari #61 Yuki-gosho Zakura]

"Yukinogosho-cho" in Hyogo Ward, Kobe City is a historical place where Yuki-gosho, the second residence of Kiyomori Taira, a famous commander in the Heian period, was located.
The row of cherry blossom (Sakura, Zakura) trees in full bloom along the river around the site is full of dynamism.
This color expresses a cherry blossom color that creates a beautiful expression in the letters, like a cherry blossom that gradually opens from the buds.

- Fountain pen ink
- Capacity: 50ml
- Package size: about 65 x 65 x 52mm