Nagasawa Kobe INK Monogatari #63 Higashi-Yuenchi Torch-orange Fountain Pen Ink


[Kobe INK Monogatari #63 Higashi-Yuenchi Torch-orange]

Higashi-Yuenchi, located in the center of Kobe city, is the first Western-style park in Japan.
Today, it is a place of relaxation for the citizens of Kobe, and is also a place where a monument with the thoughts of recovery from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and memorial service is placed.
This "torch orange" expresses the warm orange of "the light of hope" with the beautiful nature of Kobe in the background.

- Fountain pen ink
- Capacity: 50ml
- Package size: about 65 x 65 x 52mm