Kobe INK No.70 Rokko Forest Blue | Kobe INK物語 NO.70六甲森林藍


Hase pond is Mt Rokko's reflection on the surface of the water that changes each season. An early summer day,that scenely looks like the Water Lilies by Claude Monet.

Rokko Forest Blue ink is a mixture of the deep blue water and the warm forest colour.

位在神戶森林植物園內,平靜美麗的長谷池映照著六甲的春夏秋冬。梅雨季到初夏,此時 是睡蓮最美的時刻,且伴隨著森林優雅的光線和青空反射著的水面,在此用這樣溫柔沈穩 的靛色,讓人彷彿置身於在莫內睡蓮此幅畫中般美妙。