Kobe INK No.74 Myoudani Cosmos Red | Kobe INK物語 NO.74名谷大波斯菊紅


The Cosmos Hill is a 4,000 square meter hill that extends on the southern slope of Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium in Myodani City.

You can also see the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge from the top of this hill.

The cosmos on the hill are in full bloom between late September and late October.

Among the many colors of cosmos, this ink expresses the color of the most vibrant large crimson flower.

在神戶綜合競技場裡有著遼闊的大波斯菊之丘是能遠望明石海峽大橋的市民休閒之處。初秋時,整片鮮明的大波斯菊被風吹著而搖動的景象,更會令人看到流連忘返。 而此選用大波斯菊中讓人印象最深刻且有著深紅花瓣的「轟動」,所表現出的顏色。