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Nagasawa Fountain Pen Aqua Planet [Global Limited Edition]

Nagasawa Fountain Pen Aqua Planet [Global Limited Edition]

The first fountain pen available only overseas has been born.

The name of the fountain pen is "Aqua Planet".

When I decided to create an overseas limited edition model, I wondered what everyone in the world has in common.

I think it is that we live on Earth, a beautiful water planet.
It has remained a water planet with vast oceans since billions of years ago.

Earth is the only planet known so far to harbor life.

These oceans inspired the concept of the Aqua Planet fountain pen.

We hope this fountain pen can be your lifelong companion,just as we hope our beautiful planet will endure forever.

The body is a refreshing blue reminiscent of the morning sea.

The cap is a calm blue reminiscent of the sea at night.

This is a new fountain pen delivered to the world from Kobe, a port city that has connected with the world and fostered culture.

The body is based on Sailor Fountain Pen's Pro Gear.

The nib is 21K gold. The cap has the NAGASAWA Kobe Ink Story logo.

The nib is engraved with a weather vane, a famous motif of Kobe.

We hope that using this pen will enrich your life.