Kobe INK Monogatari

Kobe Ink Monogatari location introduction [1] Kobe Kitano area

Kobe Ink Monogatari location introduction [1] Kobe Kitano area

Kobe Ink Monogatari location introduction

Today, we would like to introduce you to the places where our company appears in the story of Kobe Ink Monogatari.
Kobe Ink Monogatari is motifed after various locations in Kobe city. The Kobe Kitano area, which is within walking distance from Sannomiya, is an attractive place.
I visited there with Inks.


Weathercock House (The Former Thomas House) / #4 Kitano-Ijinkan Red

First of all, "Weathercock House" is famous for the nib of NAGASAWA's original fountain pens.
From October 1, 2023, the museum will be closed for an extended period of time due to seismic renovation work.
The reopening is scheduled for 2025, so let's record it here so you can see it until then.

#4 Kitano-Ijinkan Red is inspired by the brick color of the exterior wall of the weathervane building.

Among Ijinkan (foreign houses) in Kitano Yamamoto district, this is the only house with red brick walls.
It differs from other Ijinkan houses in its grand appearance with its bright colored brick walls, heaped stone porch, and half-timbered structure (wood frame) on the second floor.

The weathervane on top of the spire is a symbol of Kitano Town.
The weather vane has the role of knowing the direction of the wind.
Not only that, but because roosters are very wary, they are also meant to ward off evil spirits.

It was built around 1902 and was the home of German trader Gottfried Thomas.

This staircase is so amazing.
Light pours in from the large windows, a beautiful curved handrail, and a fluffy red carpet.
From that railing, We can feel the warmth of many people.

Former residence of Thomas (Weathercock House) has an entrance hall, a living room, a dining room and a den on the first floor, and a bed room for couple, nursery, a guest room and a breakfast room on the second floor.
The building was designed by German architect Georg de Lalande.
It is said that he brought the architectural style known as Jugendstil to Japan.


Moegi House / #60 Kobe Ijinkan-Mint

Next is Moegi House, which is close to the Weathercock House.
The exterior is a refreshing mint green.

The weathervane house is on the right, and the Moegi house is on the left.
If you buy a common ticket, it will cost you 650 yen for both museums.

#60 Kobe Ijinkan-Mint is this refreshing mint green.
Moegi House was built in 1901 as the residence of Mr. Hunter Sharp, an American consular official.
This is an Ijinkan that is designated as a nationally designated important cultural property.

The popular sunroom on the second floor.
You can enjoy the beautiful cityscape of Kobe from the room with beautiful light.

The interior walls are also mint colored.
It's like a portal to another world.

There is also a garden, so you can enjoy the architecture from outside.
You will need to take off your shoes to enter Moegi House, so it will be easier if you wear shoes that are easy to take off.


Ollive Tree / #49 Kitano Olive-green

Kitanocho Square is located between the Weathercock Hall and Moegi House.
There are many olive trees.

#49 Kitano Olive-green is an attractive green color of olive.
Kobe is the place where olive oil was first pressed in Japan, and many trees are planted not only in Kitano Town Square but also in the surrounding area.
The deep green color is useful in a variety of situations.


Yamamoto Street / #84 Yamamoto-dori Exotic-green

#84 Yamamoto-dori Exotic-green is also within walking distance from the Kitano area.

Currently undergoing renovation work.
The same color is used on other buildings in the area, as well as on the streetlights.

If you take a short walk from the Weathervane House or Moegi House, it will be a nice stroll.
The streets are calm and there aren't many people passing by, so it's perfect for relaxing.


A little advice

Kobe Kitano area is surrounded by beautiful scenery and architecture.
However, there are many steep slopes, so comfortable shoes are recommended.

It is okay to take photos at ``Weathercock House'' and ``Moegi House.''
There are some rules, such as prohibiting photography using a tripod, so please check them when entering the museum.
There is also an official website.
Weathercock House / Moegi House

Don't forget to be considerate of those around you and enjoy shooting.


Where should I go next

Currently, Kobe Ink Monogatari has 84 standard colors (as of September 2023)
From now on, we will introduce the locations of other colors as well.
Look forward to next time!

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