Kobe INK Monogatari

Kobe Ink Monogatari location introduction [2] Area west of Kobe

Kobe Ink Monogatari location introduction [2] Area west of Kobe

Kobe Ink Monogatari location introduction

Today, we would like to introduce you to the locations where our company will appear in "Kobe Ink Monogatari".
Kobe Ink Monogatari is based on various locations in Kobe city.
The west area of ​​Kobe is a peaceful place.
I visited there with Inks.

Taisanji Temple / #21 Taisanji Yellow

First up is Taishanji Yellow.
Taishanji Temple, a Tendai sect of Buddhism, is said to have been built in 716 and is surrounded by a peaceful rural landscape.
This ink was inspired by the golden scenery of the lush rice ears during harvest time.

As we rode the bus, we were greeted by a truly "golden landscape of sparkling rice ears.''
It was swaying comfortably in the wind.

The main hall is designated as the only national treasure building in Kobe City.

Shoes are strictly prohibited when entering the main hall.
There are slippers available, so take off your shoes and change into them.
Wearing slippers with the name of a temple on them will make you feel better.

Gakuentoshi Area / #43 Gakuen-Toshi Fresh-green

The Academy City district is a campus area where many young people gather.
The surrounding area is a quiet residential area surrounded by nature.
The city's scenery and fresh people are expressed in yellow-green.

On weekday lunchtimes, it was crowded with many students.

There are many schools and large buildings around the station, but it doesn't feel oppressive.
That's because the scenery is full of greenery.
Students seemed to be taking a pleasant walk or sitting on benches and reading books.

University Memorial Stadium / #74 Myodani Cosmos-red

"Cosmos Hill" at the University Memorial Stadium is a place of relaxation for citizens.
The sight of cosmos swaying in the wind is so beautiful that you will forget time. 
This ink expresses the most impressive "sensation" color from the cosmos group.

Beyond the cosmos spreading on the slope, you can also see the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, albeit far away.
The way it sways in the wind is so cute that you'll want to watch it forever.

Fluffy cosmos flowers often bloom in October, depending on the year.
On weekends, they also hold a cosmos festival and cosmos marche.

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